The Paranoid Squirrel ep 589

January 27th, 2018


Hallelujah! After two weeks of dancing with Mister Green Tissue I finally shook off the cold that’s been laying waste to all and sundry for the last couple of months. To celebrate I lined up some choice cuts from these artists to play on this week’s Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show;
Pink Cigar,
Neon Animal,
The Black Bullets,
Johnny Jetson,
Real Tears,
The Stanleys
Dead City Ruins,
The Damned,
The Resistors,
The Trousers,
and Duncan Reid & the Bigheads.


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 586

January 6th, 2018


As it’s the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show of 2018 I kicked things off this week with Pilot. Well, obviously it is that song, but as you can play it for only the first 4 weeks of the year, unless you’re Kory Clarke, I thought I’d wheel it out. Up next, it’s some acoustic shenanigans from Role Model Rich Rags who played the Brook in Wallington on the 29th. The Vegan Restaurant and Bar of The Brook is relocating to Mare Street in Hackney on the 19th. However, the Recording Studio is staying put. Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness have just issued a brand spanking new modtastic 7” for us to enjoy. The a-side is “You Better Run” backed with a live version of “Weed Bus”. Of course, the a-side gets an airing. Jake also crops up on the new Chuck Norris Experiment rarity, compilation CD “Hotter Stuff”; 13 tracks of singles, covers and b-sides. Jake contribution is on the single version of The Misfits cover “Where Eagles Dare” along with HeWhoCanNotBeNamned, but it’s the previously unreleased track that gets played, or is it…..? Discharge recently supported The Misfits over in the US of A. Quite a coup I think you’ll agree. To celebrate I play a live track from their “Live at the City Gardens, New Jersey” album. Well, as there was a strict no Mobile/Cell policy, the chances of seeing or hearing Discharge in their supporting role are going to be slim to none. Straight afterwards I play the Headliners as it would be rude not to. As well as playing at The Parish in Huddersfield on the 17th February as part of the series of Scott Sorry Testimonial/Fund Raising gigs, The Drama Club Rejects are just about to release a new ep on the 20th January called “Anywhere but Here”. Of course I play something from it. As I’ve strayed into fund raising territory, a campaign has been set up for the family of Rev. Jim Forrester bassist from Foghound and Serpents of Secrecy who was shot and killed outside the Baltimore Tattoo Museum where he worked five days before Christmas. A new Foghound track “Keep On Shovelling” that was going to be used as part of an upcoming Split 7” project has been now made available to benefit the family of Rev Jim. It’s one of those “Name Your Price” downloads, so anything you have going spare will be much appreciated. Plus it’s a great song as you will hear. CrashDiet have also just released their first single to feature vocalist number 4, Gabriel Keyes, in the shape and form of “We are the Legion”, it certainly was worth the wait as is the new material from former TigerTailz vocalist Kim Hooker who has amassed a new band called Bare Knuckle Messiahs. Two tracks from the band’s debut album are doing the internet rounds, one of which I play. A new band to me are Diamond Black, although various members, Ben Christo and Justin Lightspeed aren’t. Diamond Black have just released their first foray into singledom with the track “Sorrow”. Impressed, much. For fans of; The Cult, HIM, Judas Priest, ABBA, basically if you like Rock, you’ll like Diamond Black. Probably. I received two e-mails last week, well not only two e-mails but two with music attached. First it was Dead Furies and then it was Sick Boys Revue. As the bands took the trouble to send me music, I take the time and air them. Onto “Re-issue Corner” with The Cavemen and White Boy and the Average Rat Band debut albums getting the 2018 re-mastered treatment. Bonus tracks ahoy! A tune from each takes us up to the one hour mark and the end of this week’s show. Boo and hiss!

A quick reference to the bands I play;

Rich Rags,
Jake Starr,
Chuck Norris Experiment,
The Misfits,
Drama Club Rejects,
Crash Diet,
Bare Knuckle Messiahs,
Diamond Black,
Dead Furies,
Sick Boys Revue,
The Cavemen
and White Boy and the Average Rat Band.


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 582

December 9th, 2017


Last night’s Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show which aired on Rock Radio UK at 11pm and featured tracks by these artists is now available to Steam and Download;  

UK Subs,

The Role Models,

Michael Monroe,

Choke Chains,

Last Great Dreamers,

The Idol Dead,

The Main Grains,

Randy Savages,


Warrior Soul,

Palace of the King,

Professor and the Madman featuring Paul Gray and Rat Scabies,

Arvidson & Butterflies

and Chris Declercq featuring Lemmy


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 578

November 11th, 2017


“Loaded like freight train, flying like an aeroplane” that was The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show last night on Rock Radio UK, where I cued up tracks by these artists;
The Ramones,
Johnny Thunders,
Von Hertzen Brothers,
LA Guns ft Bernie Tormé,
The Dictators,
The Kult 45s,
Jesper Binzer,
Olli Herman,
Michael Kane and the Morning Afters,
The Fuzillis
and Kaato


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 577

November 4th, 2017


The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, this week, should’ve been a much more relaxed affair, as hadn’t spent the day bombing up and down various Motorways, then catching up with School chums, keeping one eye on the time. Unfortunately, I cocked up twice; No 1 cock up was that I didn’t set the balance right, so if you listened in live things got loud and then things got not so loud. It’s all sorted now for the stream and Download. Cock up No 2 was that I said that Johnny Moped were playing live at the 100 Club on the 8th March, he’s not. It’s the 9th. Luckily an astute listener sent me a text telling me of my faux pas so I was able to correct myself later on in the programme.  However, I still managed to play tracks from these artists on my Rock Radio UK slot which aired last night at 11pm (GMT);
Adam West,
Channel 43,
Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness,
Johnny Moped,
The Professionals,
Robin Black,
Maximum RNR,
The Hip Priests,
Royal Republic,
Michael Monroe
and Husker Du.


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 576

October 28th, 2017


Well I succeeded in travelling down to Poole and back and meeting up with old School chums yesterday evening managing to broadcast The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show that went out at 11pm without a hitch. Artists that I played were;
The Hellacopters,
The Peckham Cowboys,
The Ramones,
Main Grains,
The Sex Pistols,
The Damned,
Jesse Malin,
Bee Bee Sea,
Wild Evel and the Trashbones,
Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons,
and Billy Momo.


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 571

September 23rd, 2017


Last night’s show was sponsored by Night Nurse, Kleenex Tissues and copious amounts of Jameson, as I had “Man-flu”. I soldiered on, putting aside the achy joints and mild sore throat, to bring you a veritable smorgasbord of cool old and new tunes. The whole shebang is now, obviously, available to stream or Download where you will hear tracks from;
Edwin Starr,
Sonny Vincent,
Captain Sensible,
David Bowie,
The Shadows of Knight,
Peter and the Test Tube Babies,
Oh! Gunquit,
The Heavy Metal Kids,
Last Great Dreamers,
The Main Grains,
Warrior Soul,
Von Hertzen Brothers
and the Foo Fighters.


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 551

May 6th, 2017


Artistes that I play on this week’s show are:

Johnny Thunders,
Last Great Dreamers,
The Quireboys,
Rich Rags (Role Models),
The Phobics,
The Anita Chellemah Band,
The Dahmers,
Fierce Ideas,
The Damned


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 550

April 29th, 2017


Time…..I haven’t got any, well not enough for comprehensive show notes this week. Instead here is a list of great bands/artists you will find on this week’s Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show that aired at 11pm (BST) on Rock Radio UK last night.

Playboy Manbaby,
The Damned,
The Candy Snatchers,
The Lords of the New Church,
Black Bombers,
Roger Waters,
St. Phillip's Escalator, (sic)
Ruben Vine,
The Bitch Queens,
The Travoltas,
The King Blues
and Iron Maiden.


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 543

March 11th, 2017


First Broadcast on 10-03-17 at 11pm on Rock Radio UK
Repeated on 12-03-17 at 2am.

Welcome to the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show on Rock Radio UK. Getting the hour underway are Zombie Motors Wrecking Crew from Australia and a track from their “Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll” album. The Arrows are up next with ‘that’ song who are swiftly followed by Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors and an acoustic track that was recorded at the Old Church St Pancras on the 3rd March. A new band, although the members might be familiar, are Neon Animal, whose game plan is to bring Rock ‘n’ Roll back from the dead, which coincidently is the title of their debut single which of course I play. Tom Baker and the Snakes, who don’t feature the forth Doctor or any snakes, have just released a new album called “Lookout Tower” and very good it is to, a track from which you will hear. The Fiascos are all set to release their second single “Kill the Radio” and have already let us see the video to it. Being as this is Radio the mp3 gets an airing. In a case of “Clashing Gigs” The Fiascos along with Nicotine Pretty, Los Pepes, The Sly Persuaders, Ming City Rockers and a host of others are playing the Summer Weird Sin Festival in Brixton the same day as Johnny Moped hits The Lexington. That’ll be 19th August. To embellish the situation, I play some Sick Livers as I haven’t any Nicotine Pretty and some “Cycledelic” era Johnny Moped. Straight after the Moped’s Stiff Little Fingers come crashing in and then it’s a new track from Dirtbag Republic’s forthcoming album “Downtown Eastside”. Into the home straight and in light that the Telephone Lovers have been booked to play this year’s SXSW Festival and it seems have a new album already recorded following up on their self-titled debut which is now available on Liquorice Red and White vinyl, I play a track from said album by them. On the recommendation of Head Glunk Dom Daley I checked out the new album by Jeff Dahl “Made in Hawaii”. To date Mister Daley has not let me down and with Jeff’s new release that trend seems set to continue as hopefully you will agree. The Ramones, with the last song on their last studio album, which was the last song written for them by their former bassist Dee Dee is the penultimate track but it is The Hydromatics and the Tony Slug, Nicke Anderssen, Thumping Theo, Scott Morgan line-up that have the dubious honour of closing this week’s show.