The Paranoid Squirrel ep 538

February 4th, 2017


Sadly The Hellacopters start this week’s show off as Robert “Strings” Dahlqvist passed away yesterday at the age of 40. The Damned, who I very rarely play on the show, are up next as I apologise for making a mistake on last week’s episode with regards to The Ruts. Last  Saturday I popped up to The Dev to see Flash House and finally catch Asomvel live, two great bands in a great venue = a great night!  Obviously I play a track from both. CJ Ramone, as well as playing with Richie Ramone in be Buenos Aires this evening, will be releasing a brand new album called “American Beauty” on the 17th March, a track from which I play. Steve Jones’ Fantasy 7 gets a look in as I’ve just purchased his autobiography. I also shelled out for the Hanoi Rocks “All Those Wasted Years” coffee table book as Amazon are currently knocking twenty quid off it. It comes with a 7” single with two unreleased tracks. One of which I air. Straight afterwards I play another track from Wyldlife’s stonkingly good new album “Out On Your Block”. Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and James Williamson (The Stooges) have teamed up for a 4 track “Acoustic K.O.” ep. Of course I play a sneaky song from it. Danko Jones are heading to Europe to promote their brand new album “Wild Cat” and proceeding both is a single. Grande Royale have just signed to erm.... Sign Records who will release their album “Breaking News” in August. A track has just been unleashed so we know what to expect. Following on from said Danko Jones single are Horisont and a track from their new album “About Time”.  A band who I shamefully had never heard of until the middle of last week was Psychotic Youth. After getting hold of their 30 track compilation album “Power Pop to Die For” CD I was compelled to buy their brand new album “The Voice of Summer” and play you lot a track from it. Closing this week’s show are The Godfathers and a track from their new album “A Big Bad Beautiful Noise” which comes out next Friday.