The Paranoid Squirrel ep 539

February 11th, 2017


On this week’s show, for your listening pleasure I have for you new tunes from; The Dahlmanns and The Reverberations whose singles both come out on the 14th. The Ruts DC have lifted a track from last years very excellent Pledge album “Music Must Destroy”. Adam Bomb has just set up a GoFundMe page where you can pre-order his up and coming autobiography “911 Is Disconnected …So This Is Rock And Roll”. Obviously as a soundtrack to this, I play something by him. The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell are up next with a track off their last album “Keep It Greasy” for no other reason than its great. Poison Heart and Bomb The World released a split LP late last year with both bands picking a song to cover. Those songs I play. One by The Ramones and one by Motörhead. I then talk about clashing gigs and even worse bands you really like added to either a sold out show or the headlining band you weren’t going to go to in the first place. To illustrate this I play a track from Biters who will be supporting Blackberry Smoke next month. Julian Cope has just released a new album called “Drunken Songs”, which is forty minutes of Gnostic Drunkenness contained in six tales of belligerent alcohol related drunkenness. I think, like me, you’ve probably detected a theme. The track I air it seems to have been written to be played at the Archdruid’s funeral. Swiftly following on from Mr Cope are the Watts. Classic Rock Magazine is back so I talk about what’s in it (The Damned get a 4 page live feature. Future know how to keep me on board). I realise I only played The Godfathers last week but as I’m mightily impressed with their new album “A Big, Bad, Beautiful Noise” I play them again. Black Heart Breakers make a welcome return to the show before I finish things off with The Phobics but not before I plant the seed of thought that Tom would make an excellent 13th Doctor…….