The Paranoid Squirrel ep 541

February 25th, 2017


Welcome to Episode 541 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show where a familiar song by The Sweet, albeit the not often heard original album version, gets this week’s show off to a flying start. I then question the date surrounding the 40th Anniversary of the Damned’s debut album by playing Captain’s outvoted choice of debut single. The Plastic Tears are part of ‘Alive and Kicking’s’ album “Smacked! – A Tribute to Ilari “Claude” Peltola. Their offering I of course aired. Others contributing are: Eduardo J. Martinez, The Flaming Sideburns, The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Squirrel faves The Dead Furies, Danny Fury and The Anita Chellamah Band. You can pre-order it from HERE. Where you will also find the full list of artists and track listing. Dirtbag Republic release their new album “Downtown Eastside” towards at end of March, so to get you in the mood I play a track from it. I know I played The Scaramanga Six last week but as I’ve been getting down and up to “Owned pt. 1-4”, which along with “As We Take the Stage Pts 1-2” is available to download for free from their BandCamp, I decided to air that as well. Just before Christmas former Lord of Altamont Spencer Robinson released a 5-track cassette, yes cassette, of new music. Fear ye not as for the princely sum of $2 you can download all five from his Bandcamp site. The tracks are, as stated, a little darker than his previous collaborations; music for drinking, crying, driving and dying. One of which you will hear. Unless this is the first Paranoid Squirrel Podcast that you’ve listened to, you are all aware that Bernie Tormé is one of my two all-time favourite guitarists. On Monday I received my e-mail notification telling me that “Dublin Cowboy” Bernie’s latest Pledge album was ready for me to download. It’s a triple affair; Electric, Acoustic and Live. The live album was available to download as soon as you pledged and without blowing smoke up anyone’s behind; “Dublin Cowboy” is arguable Bernie’s best work to date. If you don’t believe me I play two tracks. One Electric and one Acoustic. If you want to hear him live, you can during April. Of course me being me I get the name wrong of the asousic track that I use as an example of a certain drum sound. Straight after Mr Tormé are New York’s hardest working Rock Band Dirty Fences and track from their just re-issued first ep, with the obligatory extra tracks. The Darts (US) those Garage-psych-rock grrls that make your head slam and your feet shake released in January “The Darts EP2” via Dirty Water Records. Of course, I play something from it, for your delectation. More new music and Stockholm four piece The Blasting Fondas have just released the “There Ain’t No Other Way” 7” on Beluga Records which gets an airing. Moving into the home straight and I play a track from Gary Lammin, from the Bermondsey Joyriders, debut solo album that was recorded back in 2003 with Dave Goodman Producing. It’s not what you might expect but nevertheless it is really good in a 60’s psychedelic slant with hints of the Stones “Their Satanic Majesties Request” couple with the Velvet Underground. Last but no means least it’s renowned Bad Religion frontman and acclaimed author Greg Graffin and the third track from his much-anticipated forthcoming album Millport” which ends this week’s show. The song is called “Backroads of My Mind” and offers some energised and uplifting country rock with exquisite vocal choruses and some crisp guitar from Social Distortion guitarist Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham.