The Paranoid Squirrel ep 542

March 4th, 2017


The Sonics are the first band up this week as it’s been announced that they are once again hitting the road. For the second week in a row I air some Acoustic Bernie Tormé, as a way of an apology as last week I got song titles mixed up. CJ Ramone has another new track played from his up and coming album “American Beauty”. The track in question also just so happens to be the title of Los Pepes’ forthcoming coming album, a track from which I obviously play. I’ve given up hope on The Hellacopters being added to this year’s Stone Free Festival which is probably a good thing as the only tickets left are right up in the Gods, right at the back. However, this doesn’t stop me from playing some Hellacopters featuring Scott Morgan, with Pelle Almgren’s first new track in about 10 years swiftly following in its wake. Not only do The Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell have a new drummer in the shape and form of Serra Petale but also have a brand stonking new single for me to impart and for you to enjoy. The track in question is called “Nightmare”. Moving over from Hastings to France it’s the debut appearance of Born Again and a track from their first LP “Strike With Power”. The Routes are an Anglo-Nipponese trio that are just about to released their fifth album “In This Perfect Hell” on Dirty Water Records. Like the Shovell and Born Again, The Routes, roots aren’t from this century. Theirs is buried deep in the Garageland of the 1960’s as you will hear. I was embarrassed to learn that former Soundtrack of Our Lives guitarist Ian Person has had a Pledge campaign running for nearly two years and I knew nothing about it until last week. Of course, I try and make up for my oversight by Pledging and then in turn playing something from it for you to enjoy. The King of PledgeMusic must be Ginger Wildheart who last Wednesday launched his latest offering “Ghost in The Tanglewood”, a Country album which was ready to be downloaded as soon as you and your money were parted. On the 24th I popped along to the 100 Club for the last date of sometime Wildhearts Bassist Scott Sorry’s UK tour. Opening proceedings were The WitchDoktors, who truth be told could quite easily have been the headline act, that also goes for main support the Role Models. Even with the early start time of 7:45 and only half an hour set, the WitchDoktors, certainly played like their lives depended on it, with the Role Models playing at a frantic pace like it was already too late for them, but at least they’d got to go out in style. Scott Sorry was welcomed back like a conquering hero, if not King, that it had been thought to have been killed in Battle. From the reaction the crowd gave Scott, I hope it’s not too long before he returns.
In other news it looks like The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show will become part of More news as I get it.