The Paranoid Squirrel ep 543

March 11th, 2017


First Broadcast on 10-03-17 at 11pm on Rock Radio UK
Repeated on 12-03-17 at 2am.

Welcome to the first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show on Rock Radio UK. Getting the hour underway are Zombie Motors Wrecking Crew from Australia and a track from their “Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll” album. The Arrows are up next with ‘that’ song who are swiftly followed by Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors and an acoustic track that was recorded at the Old Church St Pancras on the 3rd March. A new band, although the members might be familiar, are Neon Animal, whose game plan is to bring Rock ‘n’ Roll back from the dead, which coincidently is the title of their debut single which of course I play. Tom Baker and the Snakes, who don’t feature the forth Doctor or any snakes, have just released a new album called “Lookout Tower” and very good it is to, a track from which you will hear. The Fiascos are all set to release their second single “Kill the Radio” and have already let us see the video to it. Being as this is Radio the mp3 gets an airing. In a case of “Clashing Gigs” The Fiascos along with Nicotine Pretty, Los Pepes, The Sly Persuaders, Ming City Rockers and a host of others are playing the Summer Weird Sin Festival in Brixton the same day as Johnny Moped hits The Lexington. That’ll be 19th August. To embellish the situation, I play some Sick Livers as I haven’t any Nicotine Pretty and some “Cycledelic” era Johnny Moped. Straight after the Moped’s Stiff Little Fingers come crashing in and then it’s a new track from Dirtbag Republic’s forthcoming album “Downtown Eastside”. Into the home straight and in light that the Telephone Lovers have been booked to play this year’s SXSW Festival and it seems have a new album already recorded following up on their self-titled debut which is now available on Liquorice Red and White vinyl, I play a track from said album by them. On the recommendation of Head Glunk Dom Daley I checked out the new album by Jeff Dahl “Made in Hawaii”. To date Mister Daley has not let me down and with Jeff’s new release that trend seems set to continue as hopefully you will agree. The Ramones, with the last song on their last studio album, which was the last song written for them by their former bassist Dee Dee is the penultimate track but it is The Hydromatics and the Tony Slug, Nicke Anderssen, Thumping Theo, Scott Morgan line-up that have the dubious honour of closing this week’s show.