The Paranoid Squirrel ep 544

March 18th, 2017


First Broadcast on 17-03-17 at 11pm on Rock Radio UK
Repeated on 19-03-17 at 2am.

Stupidly I decided to Live Stream this week’s show from my car, on my way back from seeing the Backyard Babies, Black Star Riders at the Forum in Kentish Town. Thanks to Skype, a set of Maplins Gaming headphones and a Dropbox folder with all the songs I intended to play, I managed to get away with it. Just. First up is the Backyard Babies as I’d just seen them and it would be rude not to, who are followed by The Vibrators and a track from their just released pledge album “Past, Present and Into the Future”. As the Damned’s debut album gets 10/10 in the latest Classic Rock, 40 years too late but who is counting, I play a track from them that isn’t from DDD but from one of the BBC Radio in Session CDs. There is also a feature with Walter Lure, one time guitarist in The Heartbreakers, so I play a Waldos track. Honest John Plain, guitarist with The Boys, is back with a new solo album, sadly not the much mooted one that features “Never Listen to Rumours” but an acoustic affair in the shape and form of “Acoustic Menopause”. It’s not a straight unplugged version of “Punk Rock Menopause” although some tracks from the session are reworked acoustically along with a Stones and Joey Ramone cover. Obviously, I air a track from it. The Hybrid Children who I thought had vanished as I’d not heard anything from them in nearly eight years are back with a new album called “Where the Pub Roses Grow”. A track has already been lifted from said album which I play. The Cyanide Pills have just released their new album “Sliced and Diced” on Damaged Goods Records and mighty fine it is to as you hear. Getting the rerelease treatment after 39 years is Slimey Toad’s, from Johnny Moped in his Slime guise, one and only 7” “Controversial” that also came out on Damaged Goods. Even without his leader, who probably wasn’t allowed out, Toad strikes Gold with The Damned borrowing the b-side “Loony” a year later and turning it into “Suicide” for their b-side to “Love Song”. Swiftly following on is a new band to me Happily Ever Blind, totally bonkers; Waltari + The Dead Kennedys? Los Pepes are up next with another new track from their soon to be released third album “Let’s Go”. Los Pepes will be supporting Cheetah Chrome at the Underworld in August, which gives me a good excuse to play some Dead Boys. Friend of the show and Squirrel Associate Arkwright’s band Flame Pilots let us have a sneaking peak at the track “All She Wants” from their up and coming debut album, for International Women’s Day. If you missed it, I solve that problem by playing ait for you and if you did hear it; this version is an alternative mix. See how I spoil you. As I near my home and the lure of my local Chinese, The Moonbeats propel me along with a track from their debut self-title album, but it’s the Claytown Troupe with a track from the infamous 'Dungeon Demos' that got the quintet signed to Island Records back in 1988 that ends this week’s show.