The Paranoid Squirrel ep 545

March 25th, 2017


First Broadcast on Rock Radio UK at 11pm 24-03-17

Back in the comfort of the studio for this week’s show with Gluecifer the first band out of the blocks as a tribute to those of us who travel to foreign climes to see bands play live. Then once again it’s the Backyard Babies because…..well, just because. Hey! Hello! are up next which leads nicely into Lupus Dei who feature The Rev and Toshi from the aforementioned Hey! Hello! A band that I meant to play last week if the traffic was bad was Junkyard and a track from the band’s first new album in something like 25 years. That track of course gets played this week. Thanks to Rock Radio UK’s DJ Dropbox folder I have discovered Freedom Fuel from Helsinki. To me their album “Happy People” remains me of The Soundtrack of our Lives playing Ghost, or vice versa. Hard Action have a new single out for us to enjoy, either in ones and zeros or as a limited 7”. I play the digital version. Having already played the new A side from The Fiascos latest offering I opt to play the double A side. No exclusivity at all. I’m missing the Hip Priest playing live up at the Nambucca tonight, I know, sad times, so I play two tracks from them. Both the same, one featuring Gary X-Ray from the lost version of “Full Tilt Bullshit” and the other that we all know and love with Nathan Von Cruz. The Bitch Queens will be one of the bands supporting the Hip Priests during their Easter weekend campaign which I’ll be at London and Brighton dates. The band at the beginning of May will be releasing their third LP “L.O.V.E.”. Which I have……..A single from the album is due to be released in April which I air. Ryan Hamilton & the Traitors are just about to launch a “Fan Club” site not to dissimilar to Ginger’s GASS project, which sounds great. To underline it I play another track from their/his soon to be released “Capital Spirits - an acoustic evening - Live in London” album. A new band to find their way to The Paranoid Squirrel Drey are The Clamps and I think over the coming weeks/months tracks from their new album “Blend, Shake, Swallow” are going to be played on a regular basis. Starting this evening. Rounding off this week’s show are Bullet Proof Lovers with a tune from “Shot Through The Heart” which had me falling over myself to get once I’d read Dom Daley’s Uber Rock review.