The Paranoid Squirrel ep 547

April 8th, 2017


A track from one of the great lost NYC albums of the mid to late 1970’s starts this week’s show off. I’m talking The Victims and “Real Wild Child” here. Then two, that’s right TWO tracks from The Chuck Norris Experiment come hurtling in. One taken from the “Ghost Highways” 8” ep and t’other from their “Chück Me!” album which is due out on the 5th May. The Connection released a covers album late last year a track from which I air which is swiftly followed by The Methadones and a song from their covers LP. Up next are three songs from three bands that now feature ex Sick Livers members; Deathtraps, TenPlusOne and The Broken Bones Gentlemen's Club. Piggyback Riders are are new band to me but three if their members aren’t; Sulo from The Crunch and Diamond Dogs, Idde Schultz also from The Crunch and Chris Spedding, from Chris Spedding. The band released yesterday an album of Americana called “Midnight at the Tenth of Always”. Of course, I play a track from it. Sharing Management with Piggyback Riders are Billy Momo, whose last album “Seven Rivers Wild” came out last year, are according to their bio “a Swedish 7-piece band whose musical roots run deep in the soil of the rural American South as well as cruising the big city streets, combining bluesy feel with gritty sounds and greasy grooves.” It’s a great album, so much so that I’ll be seeking out their other releases. Grande Royale’s have released a new track from their soon to be out album which of course gets an airing. Michael Monroe released yesterday a brand new song called “One Foot Outta The Grave” and it is seriously good and thanks to its writer, Rich Jones, who sent it to me earlier this week I most definitely play it. Now go buy it! I saw Royal Republic up at the Electric Ballroom last Saturday. They are a great live band, always have been, but now mainstream Rock fans are cottoning on. Just great all round entertainers who unexpectedly covered Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark”, which I, being the audio historian that I am, recorded and share with you. White Reaper have just released an album called “The World's Best American Band”. Are they right or telling porkies....? Finishing things off this week are The Clamps with another tune from their “Bend, Shake, Swallow” LP.