The Paranoid Squirrel ep 548

April 15th, 2017


I was royally irked and perturbed this week, so The Damned with their Stooges cover gets me back on an even keel. The source of my irkdom was The Beatles and the re-release of “Sgt Pepper” as an anniversary 6-disc affair. To illustrate my point, I play a track by the fab-four that I’m sure you are all familiar with but it’s the version that you are meant to hear. For the third week in a row I play some Michael Monroe because I can. Die Toten Hosen come crashing in next with their brand-new single. Dirtbag Republic’s second album was released last Friday and even though I’ve already played a couple of tracks from it, I air a third. One the live front; just before last week’s show was Broadcast I popped up to the Borderline just off Charing Cross Road to see one of the UK residences most under-rated guitarist in the shape and form of Bernie Tormé. I had such a good time that I went and saw him the next day down in Brighton. I play a track from his “Punk or What?” CD that was unexpectedly played down in Brighton. Staying with my live sorties Tuesday saw me up at the Blackheart in Camden to see former Boys bassist Duncan Reid and the Big Heads play with support from SpizzEnergi and the Role Models. A track from Duncan’s new album “Bombs Away” along with the new SpizzEnergi single and a song from the Role Models “Forest Lawn” album are therefore played. For no other reason than its Motörhead I play a track form their “1916” album. I got a Facebook message last Saturday recommending that I check out Stacey Crowne from Cologne, so I did and was mightily impressed so much so I play you a high-energy rock track for your consideration. Up next, it’s Bloodlights with their new single taken from the forthcoming “Pulling No Punches” CD with Sator winding up this week’s show with a track from their 1998 “Musical Differences” album.