The Paranoid Squirrel ep 764

September 19th, 2020


On this week’s episode I prattle on about bands that make me stop what I’m doing, Gigs that are seated, the Congestion Charge, Gigs that are Streamed, a missing CD, a new album that I didn’t know anything about, getting 6 months of Spotify Pro for free, driving to Broadstairs and back, reviewers wanted physical copies to do their job, being “accused” of wanting a song off an album and failing to get my Maonocaster to work all to the soundtrack of;
David Bowie,
The Michael Monroe Band,
The Suicide Notes,
The DeRellas,
Hybrid Children,  
The Nightingales,
Johnny Thunders,
David Johansen,
The Middlenight Men,
Duncan Reid & the Big Heads,
The Drippers
and Scumbag Millionaire.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 763

September 12th, 2020


I am struggling to think of another show where you would hear such a cross section of great music all in one programme. Thank Gawd then for the Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show, where over the course of this week’s show you will hear me talk about what books I’ve been reading, about the loss of Ian Mitchell who briefly was in the Bay City Rollers, how a track from The Rollers “Elevator” LP sounds like it could’ve come off Ginger Wildheart’s “Valor Del Corazon” solo album, Bandcamp waving their fee on Friday’s up to the end of the year, the new Hip Priest tracks, the Captain Sensible solo song that has been re-recorded for the Sensible Gray Cells album, the story behind Life Sex & Deaths cover of “White Punks On Dope” and being contacted by a listener in Argentina. All to the soundtrack of;
The Bay City Rollers,
The Rollers,
Silver Receiver,
The Spitfires,
The Hip Priests,
Life, Sex & Death,
The Sensible Gray Cells,
Captain Sensible,
Antonio Martínez
and Drunken Marksman.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 762

September 5th, 2020


Once again Armitage has been rummaging through his Hard-drive, checking his e-mails and keeping an eye on Social Media to bring you an hours’ worth of top rocking and a rolling tunes that you should hear on the Radio but don’t. Over the course of this week’s show you will hear;
The WitchDoktors,
Gaz and the Fluoxetine's,
The Phonochromes,
Warsaw Pakt,
John Lennon,
Hard Action,
The Bwanas,
Royal Republic,
and Ky Anto

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 761

August 29th, 2020


It’s the Bank Holiday Weekend; it’s probably raining, so whilst you wait for it to ease off here’s the latest Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show for you. Featuring;
The Groundhogs,
The Phobics,
Walter Lure,
Rat Scabies,
Robert Calvert,
Smash Fashion,
Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons,
Jesse Malin,
Manne Olander Following
and Alice Cooper.  

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 760

August 22nd, 2020


Fellow Acweorna, another Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show hit the airwaves yesterday evening with it now available to stream or download. In order you will hear;
The Equals,
The Pete Way Band,
The Cheats,
The Damned,
The Birds,
Paul Gray,
Duran Duran,
Simon Love,
The Middlenight Men,
The Crazy Lockdown World of Arthur Brown
and The Supersuckers

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 759

August 15th, 2020


This week’s episode was very much a last minute thing with me kicking one band I originally said I was going to play down the road to next week’s show. Not only that I had to edit one song in half for the radio version. Fortunately, you will hear it in its entirety right here. All because I was waiting for the new Damned track and was seconding guessing its length. So coming up over the next 60+ minutes you will hear;     
Demolition 23,
Scumbag Millionaires,
Adam West,
Duncan Reid & the Big Heads,
Blitzkrieg Bop,
The New Rochelles,
Warrior Soul,
Killer Hearts,
LA Guns,
The Stooges,
The Damned
and Alex Kane.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 758

August 8th, 2020


As you sip your Pimms whilst quietly watching the Swallows darting about the clear blue sky The Paranoid Squirrel will be the perfect soundtrack featuring songs from;
The City Kids,
The Empty Hearts,
Rolling Stones,
The Brutalists,
The Hip Priests,
The Black Halos,
The Black Bombers,
The Boys,
The “Demons”,
Johnny Moped
and The Wildhearts

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 757

August 1st, 2020


Once more The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show presents you with another hours worth of musical shenanigans. Bands and Artist featured included;
Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed,
Hoodoo Gurus,
Julian Cope,
New Bomb Turks,
The Claws,
Company of Wolves,
The Physicals,
Janus Stark,
The Hollywood Brats,
The Isolators,
Small Town Tigers,
Young Francis Hi-Fi
and Deniz Tek & James Williamson.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 756

July 25th, 2020


On this Episode I talk about a fictional band I’m currently reading about, the first time I realised that the Press manipulate the truth, mention my new extended exercise regime, discover a new band, find out my Sky Satellite had been upgraded a day early and moan about the Rockfield Documentary on Auntie Beeb all to the music of;
John Lennon,
Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts,
The Guerrilla Teens,
The Phobics,
Radio Birdman,
The Damned,
Farren Colquhoun & Taylor,
The Dollyrots,
Gilby Clarke,
Tuk Smith and the Restless Hearts,
Joe Desglose
and Eight Rounds Rapid.

Then Paranoid Squirrel ep 755

July 18th, 2020


“Roll Up. Roll up for The Paranoid Squirrel Magical Mystery Tour”. The Mystery is how come we don’t hear all the bands listed below on Mainstream Radio. Modesty prevents me from asking the same thing about myself.... Coming up over the course of this episode you will hear;
The Victims,
The Replacements,
The Pretenders,
The Black Crowes,
Cheap ‘n’ Nasty,
The Retardos,
The Hip Priests,
Hard Times
and the Street Walkin’ Cheetahs.

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