The Paranoid Squirrel ep 846

February 11th, 2022


Well Acweorna cut me legs off and call me shorty as here is this episode’s playlist

01 Ravagers – Blackout – Badlands – Wanda/Spaghetty Town Records

02 Warrior Soul – Out On Bail – Out On Bail – Cargo Records

03 The Chuck Norris Experiment – Benefit Of The Doubt – This Will Leave A Mark – Transubstans Records

04 Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer ft Berton Averre & Ruyter Suys – My Sharona – Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll – Kitten Robot Records

05 Soraia – My Sharona – Digital Release – Wicked Kool Records

06 Van Halen – Finish What Ya Started – OU812 – Warner Bros

07 John Mellencamp ft Bruce Springsteen – Did You Say Such A Thing – Strictly A One Eyed Jack – Republic Records

08 The Hellacopters – Done Fighting – Reap A Hurricane 7” – Nuclear Blast

09 The Who – Substitute – Live At Leeds – Track Records

10 Iggy Pop – Cold Metal – Live At The Channel Boston M.A. 1988 – Revenge

11 The Damned – Neat Neat Neat – Fiendish Shadows – Cleopatra Records

12 The Ruts DC – Kill The Pain – Music Must Destroy – Westworld Recordings/Sosumi  

13 The Stranglers – (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) – Live (X-Cert) – United Artists

14 Ravagers – So Long – Badlands – Wanda/Spaghetty Town Records

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 752

June 27th, 2020


Schmoozing and a Boozing The Paranoid Squirrel this week gives you a shot of adrenalin in your Gluteus Maximus to fully enjoy;
The Stooges,
Dee Dee Ramone & the Deadlines,
The Wildhearts,
Eddie & Frank,
The Black Halos,
Hank Von Hell,
The Speedways,
The Chuck Norris Experiment,
Casino Steel,
LA Guns,
Donnie Vie
and Pauline Murray.  

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 626

June 18th, 2018


Unfortunately, due to a family emergency Sunday’s show was hurriedly pre-recorded and instead of me warbling on between tracks I’ve set my musical library to shuffle, so you’ll still get an hours’ worth quality music that you’d normally expect, just not any chat. Normal services will resume on Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 552

May 13th, 2017


On this week’s The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show which originally aired at 11pm (BST) on Friday 12th May on Rock Radio UK I spun tracks by these artists;

Die Toten Hosen (twice, with one featuring Johnny Moped),
Tiger Army,
Professor and the Madman (In a World exclusive I play a brand new track featuring Rat Scabies and Paul Gray),
The Bitten,
The Suicide Commandos,
Toads of the short Forest,
The Ramones,
Pink Floyd,
Bob Wayne,
and Snakecharmer.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 506

June 25th, 2016


Welcome to Episode 506 of The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show and on this week’s show I bring you firstly The UK Subs, not the track that I was intending to play as it hasn’t turned up in the post, yet. Over the last week, give or take, I’ve seen three bands that were jaw droppingly good. The first was The DeRellas who I hadn’t seen with Stevie and Bish supporting The Supersuckers last Friday, then last Saturday I wandered up to the o2 in Greenwich to The Stone Free Festival primarily to see The Michael Monroe Band who I knew were going to be good, but I wasn’t prepared for them to be that good, with Alice Cooper pretty much the icing on the weekend’s cake. Obviously I throw in some live DeRellas, Michael Monroe and Alice Cooper. I even find time for some studio Supersuckers. On the Pledge front Brijitte West & The Desperate Hopefuls are front and centre with a new track from their as yet unnamed second album. Next weekend sees Slugfest 9 at The Dolls House, Abertillery in Wales. Three days of Glunk mayhem, to whit I play the Chuck Norris Experiment, The Razorbats and as Baz Francis from Magic Eight Ball is headlining Sunday’s acoustic shenanigans I play something by them. As The Damned were recently in Abbey Road recording a 3D (sic) version of “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today” I play the Radio Edit/Mix of the original 1979 single. Keeping with The Damned connection I play a track from Chris Constantinu, Paul Frazer & Judy Nylon aka The Mutants mini album “Time For A Drink” that features Rat Scabies on drums. The Misfits have a brand new ep out called “Friday 13th”. I did hope the line-up that recorded it was going to be Jerry Only, Danzig and Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as they are reuniting for a couple of Riot Fest dates. It isn’t but the ep is still good, hence I play a track from it. Richie Ramone has a new album out in a couple of months called “Cellophane”, but to whet our appetite has just released a single of it which obviously I play. And that’s your lot for this week.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 459

October 3rd, 2015


Well today got off to a great start with the Gas Board digging up our side path to fix a Gas leak at 12:30 this morning. No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith indeed. Consequently if I sound like I’m on speed towards the end of this nearly two hour show, you’ll know why.

On the musical front Russkaja, the Austrian equivalent to The Leningrad Cowboys, start things off, then it’s some Classic Backyard Babies in demo form who are swiftly followed by some up to date UFO. A track from Operation: Mindcrime’s debut album is aired and then it’s a live in the studio song from Bernie Torme to promote his new album, Blackheart and subsequent tour. Compare and Contrast is back with The Boys prosecuting The Towers of London. Now when I started this podcast back in 2007 I never in a million years thought I’d be playing a Prog Rock track by The Pope. Yes The Pope as in his Holiness Pope Francis, but today on this episode I do. How do you follow the Pontiff? You follow him with some Barbe-Q-Barbies and a track from their new album “Driven”. (It’s a good job I’m not Catholic, how many Hail Mary’s?). Darren Birch, Walter Lure’s European bassist, e-mailed to tell me that it was in fact Ozzie who was drumming at The Jazz Cafe and not Martin Ashston as I claimed. Darren is also in The Black Bombers who are head to head with The Hip Priests tonight in Digbeth and it’s only a Fiver to get in. So Get In!  New to The Paranoid Squirrel are Swedish Garage Merchants The Deadheads with a track off their second and new album “Loadead” On the Pledge front Mustasch’s new album arrived last week, signed. Well when I say signed the CD lid was, not the actual booklet. Obviously I play a track which for some reason had me think of Sabbath. Queensryche also fan funded their latest album “Condition Human” however I bought the regular version. The band certainly seem to have found their Mojo which has been absent for most of this century as hopefully you’ll agree on hearing it. Uber Rocks’ Dom Daley pointed me in the (one) direction of The Shondikes. Who he says and I quote “If you still have a shred of life in your rock 'n' roll heart and you want to hear a great record then take a chance on The Shondikes because if you're true to yourself then you will love this record like your first born” On that review I purchased their self-released album “Psychotic Make Out Music” CD and share a track. A band that has got me all excited is from Vancouver Dirtbag Republic featuring Sandy Hazard and Mick Wood formerly of Grandma Moses. Think Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, NY Dolls, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Hanoi Rocks and The Ramones. Now you know why I’m excited. They even cover a Professionals track! Michael Monroe’s latest album “Blackout States” is released next Friday. Wanna sneaky listen to a track? Oh all right.....Joyous news reach me last week that the Bay City Rollers are to reform, well three of the classic line-up are. Pre-Christmas gigs have been booked which sold out in seconds. Hopefully a London date will be forthcoming. To mark this news from 1975, The Tartan Horde’s one and only single “Bay City Rollers – We Love You” is played. If you are scratching your head as to why.....Nick Lowe and a pre Rat Scabies Chris Miller aka Mouse Modem play on it, which leads nicely into the new single by Giuda. Up next are two tracks from The Bones, one is in Germany whilst the other is the English equivalent. Rattling towards the end of this week’s show we have new music from Tank, Graveyard who are due over here with Imperial State Electric and finally it’s The BossHoss who add the full stop to proceedings.  

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 449

August 25th, 2015


It’s Tuesday, nowhere near the Weekend. So to cheer you up, as almost promised, here’s the Mid-Week Special, minus 1. Kicking things off are The Beatles with two tracks that you probably haven’t heard on the Radio; one old and one new. Iron Maiden have a new album out in the form of “The Book Of Souls”, naturally I air a track from said album. Imperial State Electric released their fourth album last Friday called “Honk Machine”. I’m not asking…..After careful consideration I select a choice cut for you to hear. ISE are over here in Blighty supporting Graveyard in November. Coincidently Graveyard will be releasing their new album “Innocence & Decadence” next month, so if your mind isn’t already made up about purchasing tickets to see ISE and Graveyard I play you a little taster from the band’s aforementioned new album to push you in the right direction. Black Trip are up next as Nicke Andersson was at the Production Helm for their third album “Shadowline”. In a quick “Heads Up” Ghost Highway Records will soon be putting out a new live vinyl Record from The Nomads, the label has also just released a 7” from The Dahlmanns the a-side of which I play. Another track from The Catastrophe RecordsBorn Loose/Lovesores split 7” gets played as the label has inked in a distribution deal with and Even with Eddie Spaghetti sidelined at the moment due to his on-going Cancer TreatmentTheSupersuckers have still found time to record the new album “Holding The Bag”. Whilst listening to the title track go here and donate. The Bones have just recorded their first track in their native German language. Does it work? I play it for your own judgement. After a five year hiatus the Backyard Babies are back on Friday with “Four By Four”. Reviews are mixed. After its first play I originally thought that it would’ve made a great 4 track ep, even the name says so. However after having it on heavy rotation for the benefit of The Squirrel I found it to be a grower and I’m looking forward to hearing great swaths of it played live. In the meantime a track from said album is obviously played. Talking of The Squirrel; more out of the Country clashing gigs have befall her. Still involving Amorphis but now The Michael Monroe Bandhas gotten themselves mixed up in the proceedings. To underline The Squirrel’s dilemma I play a track from the new Amorphis album “Under The Red Cloud”. The Paranoid Squirrel resident Butterfly Keeper, yes we really do have one, gave us at The Role Models gig on the 21st a list of bands that were most defiantly Squirrel pleasing. Unfortunately in the cold light of day I couldn’t read my own handwriting making out only two bands. The first legible band was The Prophets of Addiction. A quick Google Search had me reading that they were a) A Rock Band from Seattle and B) The press has likened them to; Guns n Roses, The Ramones, Mötley Crüe, Dead Boys, LA Guns, Hanoi Rocks and the Lords of the New Church. On that basis I purchased their second album “Reunite The Sinners” which features a guitar solo from CC DeVille however I play a track for you that doesn’t. The final song on this Tuesday Night Special comes courtesy of a solo track from former Space Age Playboy and current Tattooed Millionaire Johnny Jetson’s “The Father, The Son And The Ghost Of Rock And Roll” debut Album. See you Thursday.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 441

July 4th, 2015


Iggy & The Stooges get things going this week with The Hellacopters covering the MC5 hot on their heels. Royal Acid Orchestra have track from their third album “Kingdom of Nothing” aired. The band’s new album “Never Mind The Strawberry Fields” is out any day now and features former Hellacopter Robert “Strings” Dahlqvist. Up next The Trouser from Budapest have a track from their new album “Mother of Illusion” played, their last album featured Nicke Andersson. Spit Single time and Taken By Surprise recording artists and Paranoid Squirrel favourites Mother’s Children and the Mandates have got it together. Well they’re both Canadian, both have just toured mainland Europe together and both are purveyors of top quality Power Pop. The next split is the first on Catastrophe Records and features two tracks by The Lovesores and Born Loose. One original each and one cover each. I play, in a World exclusive, both originals. Be prepared to be blown away! Much rejoicing was had by me last week, yes I Graduated but that wasn’t it. What had me punching the air was the news that Steve Jones and Paul Cook’s post Sex Pistol band The Professionals were reforming. Steve, unfortunately, won’t be joining in the fun but his replacement Tom Spencer, yes the Tom Spencer from The Yo-Yo’s and The Loyalties hasn’t ruled out Jones future involvement. Get in. A third piece of fortuitous news this week was that The Backyard Babies are playing in London the day before my 50th Birthday, I know I only look like I’m in my thirties......If Moose from TeamRock Radio is reading this please give me a presenting job as an early present......Tank, the non Algy Ward version, are all set to release a brand new album in September called “Valley Of Tears”. Very good it is as well, as you will hear irrespective of who is or isn’t in the band. Tank by name, Tank by nature.  I lend my thoughts to Lemmy and Motörhead’s appearance at this year’s Glastonbury festival. Obviously I play a Motörhead track. I also talk about the purchasing of music, mp3 versus vinyl versus CD. The show is wrapped up by Mustasch and a track from their up and coming “Testosterone” but then I realise that I have a few minutes to spare and actually it is Nancy Boy that end this week’s show off.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 439

June 20th, 2015


This week I bring you studio and live material for you to get your ears round. Topic of conversation that starts things going is the cancellation of the Foo Fighters remaining European dates after Dave Grohl broke his leg. I and Mrs A. had tickets for today and along with 160,000 other people who had them and for yesterday, that’ll be friend of the show and Squirrel Associate, we’ve had to find alternative entertainment. Ours is Alcohol and food. First up music wise are the Biters and a track from their soon to be released debut album “Electric Blood”. Then “Compare & Contrast” returns with the Damned being prosecuted by Family. More new music in the shape and form of former Runaways vocalist Cherie Currie who has just announced a UK tour in November with the Last Great Dreamers in support. Live action come courtesy of 5 Seconds of Summer and Hey Violet from last Sunday’s Wembley performance. I also pose the question why the General Rock Community has a downer on the aforementioned 5sos. I was impressed by Hey Violet so much so that I almost mugged off The Golden Gods Awards to see their headline Islington Academy 2 gig. Onto the just mentioned Golden Gods; I bring you Suicidal Tendencies, Baby Metal and Killing Joke. Sad news reached us at the end of last week that Eddie Spaghetti bassist, vocalist with the Supersuckers had been diagnosed with stage 3 oropharynx Cancer. Obviously being American there is no free NHS Healthcare so his wife has set up the “Fly the middle finger at Cancer and join The Eddie Spaghetti Fight Cancer Fund” which you can at The final live track this week comes from the last Supersuckers gig for a while. Where Eddie Vedder and Blind Marky Feltchtone join the band for a rousing rendition of The Ramones “I Believe In Miracles”, which we surely do. The final two bands this week are The Trousers from Hungary and Nuclear Assault from NYC.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 435

May 23rd, 2015


Back once again into the studio with the “Demons” kicking things off this week with a Damned cover. Who knew? With The Michael Monroe Band reminding us that there’s no right or wrong, let alone black or white. New music? Shed loads this week with, thanks to Ginge, with a World exclusive (Radio Wales on the 9th May doesn’t count in this instance as Wales had been annexed from the aforementioned World) I air a track from the up and coming “Mid Liver Crisis” album from The Sick Livers. Not strictly new new but as MFC Chicken are in the studio with new bassist Zig who just so happens to be my 2nd favourite bassist of all time, I play one of their recent singles. As we move towards the middle of the year I already have pencilled in a couple of albums that are going to be in my top releases of 2015. One of which is “Easy Piracy” from Dead Men Walking who are an amalgamation of The Stay Cats, The Living End, The Alarm, The Damned and some bloke wo used to play bass with Guns ‘n’ Roses. Obviously I play a track from it, well two as I couldn’t make up my mind which one should get an airing. Bob Wayne has just release an album of covers called “Hits The Hits” as the name implies, is an album of, well, hit songs. Some from world of Rock with the Stones, Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Offspring and Zeppelin getting Countrified, and to prove it doesn’t matter what the genre once you turn it into a Country song it becomes good he has tackled Skyfall, Rihanna’s Disturbia, even the dreadful “All About That Bass” is now passable. Just, only just. However the song that gets an outing is none of the above. Sticking with covers I play a track from the Sulo & Friends CD “Keep Yourself Alive” which was part of The Crunch’s PledgeMusic campaign for “Brand New Brand”. The CD features the likes of Wilko Johnson, Spike, Paul Carrack, Tom Robinson and Dave Higgs reprising songs that they are associated with along aided and abetted by Sulo. The individual members of what would become The Crunch also crop up. Sulo’s “other” band is The Diamond Dogs who have a new album out at the end of August called “Quitters & Complainers”. A song from which I sneakily play. Australian band The Casanovas have also just released their, until recently only available via PledgeMusic, album “Terra Casanova” to the general public. Less Thunders and more Stones this time around. Staying Down under to celebrate Muscle Car deservedly winning the Melbourne Mötley Crüe-Alice Cooper opening support slot I play the bands last 7”, well the A-Side. For the third time this year The Hip Priests have released a 7” single. This time around it’s a split with The Bitch Queens hogging the limelight on the b-sided, but for you listening pleasure I just give you The Hip Priest. “Arm giveth and Arm takes away”. That can’t be said for The Chuck Norris Experiment and Märvel split 7”, both have a track aired. Sticking with Vinyl; Mary’s Kids have just released the 10” variety with a CD version only available on their upcoming German (one Swedish) tour. It’s called “Death In Suburbia” that feature six tracks, one of which I naturally play. Up next courtesy, of Dom Daley he of Uber Rock and Glunk Records notoriety, are the Sticky Valentines with something from their second self-titled EP. At this point listeners on The Wall Rock Radio will hear the said Stick Valentines track fade out as Robbie John takes hold of the helm, but for the rest of you the Brawlers make their debut appearance with a track from their “Errors Of Our Youth” CD which came out on the Alcopop label last month. John Dissed returns with a remixed, especially, for radio of his cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” which is swiftly followed by Wonk Unit. We are almost at the end but before the final track “Compare & Contrast” comes along with a three way tag match between The Wildhearts, Green Day and Sam Cooke. It is, however, Girlschool, who are currently in the USA with Crucified Barbara, which closes this week’s show. ***Phew*** Now if only Team Rock Radio would give a job……

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