The Paranoid Squirrel ep 846

February 11th, 2022


Well Acweorna cut me legs off and call me shorty as here is this episode’s playlist

01 Ravagers – Blackout – Badlands – Wanda/Spaghetty Town Records

02 Warrior Soul – Out On Bail – Out On Bail – Cargo Records

03 The Chuck Norris Experiment – Benefit Of The Doubt – This Will Leave A Mark – Transubstans Records

04 Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer ft Berton Averre & Ruyter Suys – My Sharona – Motherfuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll – Kitten Robot Records

05 Soraia – My Sharona – Digital Release – Wicked Kool Records

06 Van Halen – Finish What Ya Started – OU812 – Warner Bros

07 John Mellencamp ft Bruce Springsteen – Did You Say Such A Thing – Strictly A One Eyed Jack – Republic Records

08 The Hellacopters – Done Fighting – Reap A Hurricane 7” – Nuclear Blast

09 The Who – Substitute – Live At Leeds – Track Records

10 Iggy Pop – Cold Metal – Live At The Channel Boston M.A. 1988 – Revenge

11 The Damned – Neat Neat Neat – Fiendish Shadows – Cleopatra Records

12 The Ruts DC – Kill The Pain – Music Must Destroy – Westworld Recordings/Sosumi  

13 The Stranglers – (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) – Live (X-Cert) – United Artists

14 Ravagers – So Long – Badlands – Wanda/Spaghetty Town Records

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 842

January 14th, 2022


Acweorna! It’s that time again where I impress you with who I played on this week’s Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show. Segmentations coming up are Covers Corner, Vinyl Resting Place, ‘Demo’lition and Grammar Free In The UK.

01 Tormé – Star – Back To Babylon – Zebra Records

02 The Suicide Notes – Rolling With The Punches – Trampstamp – Self Released

03 Flippin’ Kick Outs – Blues Theme – Flippin’ Kick Outs – Bandcamp

04 UK Subs – Sensei – Sensei 7” – Cleopatra Records

05 The Damned – Love Song – Dodgy Demo Co

06 Michael Monroe – This Ain’t No Love Song – Blackout States – Spinefarm Records

07 Public Image Limited – This Is Not A Love Song – This Is Not A Love Song 7” – Virgin Records

08 Continental Lovers – Dale Arden – Rough Early Mix

09 Janus Stark – Murderers Rights Society – Demo 22-02-18 – Patreon

10 The Cheats – Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter – Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter single – Screaming Crow Records

11 Dan Vapid and The Cheats – Come Find Me – Escape Velocity – Eccentric Pop

12 D & D Philpott’s Grammar Free In The UK ft Alan Cattermoul from Ambition Demolition

13 Suckerpunch – Filthy Rich – Redneck Gasoline – Digital Release

14 Hellacopters – Eyes Of Oblivion – Eyes Of Oblivion – Nuclear Blast


The Paranoid Squirrel ep 827

October 1st, 2021


Acweorna! It’s another pre-record episode as I was once again out about gigging, only one this week. However, I don’t think my playlist has suffered in any way whatsoever. As you will hear.

01 The Crybabys – All The Way To Hell An’ Back – The ‘Rock On’ Sessions – Action Records

02 The Drippers – Time For Some Action – Digital Single

03 Madre Sun – Black River – The Speed Of Light – Bandcamp

04 More Kicks – What A Mess You Make – More Kicks – Beluga Records

05 Rich Ragany and the Digressions – It Was Lonely At The Time – Beyond Nostalgia & Heartache – Story Highway Records and Tapes

06 Chelsea – It’s Friday – Meanwhile Gardens – Westworld Recordings

07 The Stabilisers – Let’s Have A Fight – Digital Release

08 Edweena Banger – Be Who You Wanna Be – Diamonds On Tenth Avenue – Mr Whippy Banana Split Productions

09 Gelatin Skelatin – Reach For The Sky – Gelatin Skelatin – Bandcamp

10 D & D Philpot’s Grammar Free in The UK ft Peter Hart from Those Naughty Lumps

11 Nosebleed – Live? Die! – Digital Single – Bandcamp

12 Janus Stark – Last Exit To Change Your Mind – Angel In The Flames – Time and Matter Recordings

13 The Reflectors – Shivers And Scars – Faster Action – Beluga Records

14 Volbeat – Shotgun Blues – Servant Of The Mind – EMI Records    

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 800

April 9th, 2021


Acweorna, on today’s show it’s a Bandcamp Friday Round up with me letting you know what I purchased and playing a selection there of. However, it’s not all Bandcamp, although judging by my notes below it was a close run thing. So, pin back your lugholes for another hours worth of music that you should hear on the Radio but don’t courtesy of;

01 West Midlands – Are You Ready? – West Midlands II – Bandcamp

02 Ramones – It’s A Long Way Back To Germany (Dee Dee and Joey Vocal duet) – Exclusive Paranoid Squirrel Mix

03 The Who – I Can See For Miles (Full Version) – The Who Sell Out (Super Deluxe) –UMC/Polydor

04 Monty Oxymoron – Those Eyes – Evil Spirits Demo – Bandcamp

05 Ginger Wildheart – Your Honour – The Best Of Ginger Wildheart Vol 1 & 2 – Bandcamp

06 Chris Catalyst – A Modern Adventure – Kaleidoscopes–Wrath Records

07 The Erratix – When Will It End? – You Don’t Care 7” – Beluga Records

08 Guerrilla Teens – End Of The Leash – End Of The Leash Digital Single – Bandcamp

09 Givvi Flynn – Time Of Your Life – Forgotten Tracks – Bandcamp

10 Tony Visconti – Get It On ft Rat Scabies – Specialized, The Teenage Cancer Trust Charity

11 Still Wish You Were Here, A Tribute To Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar ft James LaBrie, Rat Scabies, Steve Stevens, Jah Wooble and Patrick Moraz – Cleopatra Records

12 The New Bomb Turks – Summer Romance – I’m Weak 7” – Get Hip Recordings

13 Plastic Tears – Run Rabbit Run – Smacked! A Tribute To Ilari “Claude” Peltora – Alive and Kickin’ Music

14 Outsideinside – Where’s Captain Kirk? – Under The Covers – Get Hip Recordings

15 Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – C'est la Vie – Live At Akkurat – Bandcamp/LBH Records

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 797

March 26th, 2021


Acweorna! On this week episode I power(pop) my way through 13 songs that brought me great joy and a healthy glow. We might, that’s the EU and the UK, but you US of A, just about to lose an hour on Sunday as the Clocks go forward meaning a whole sixty minutes of musical listening time has been cruelly snatched away from us. However to mellow, if not soften, the blow may I present to you these artists that will be taking up the slack; 

01 The Healthy Junkies – Last Days In LA – Forever On The Road Pt.1 – Banana Castle Records

02 The Yorkshire Rats – No Freedom – Sea Of Souls – Indelirium Records

03 The Phobics – About The Two Of Us – About The Two Of Us 7” – Reduced To Clear Records

04 The Methadones – He’s A Whore – 21st Century Powerpop Riot – Red Scare

05 The Chuck Norris Experiment – End of the Great Credibility Race – No Heroes, No Leaders, No Artists, No Gods. A Tribute To The New Bomb Turks – Ghost Highway Recordings

06 K7s – Strength To Endure – Mondo Bizarro – Star Dumb Records

07 Saxon – Problem Child – Inspirations – Militia Guard Music

08 The Treatment – Wrong Way – Waiting For Good Luck – Frontiers Music Srl

09 Johnny Thunders – Chinese Rocks (Live) – Cosa Nosta: Live At The Mudd Club 1983 Gothenburg – Golden Robot Records

10 Plastic Tears – Radar Eyes – Anthems For Misfits – Wormholedeath Records

12 Stiletto Farm – Nausea – Power Fantasy – Self Released

12 Rich Ragany & The Digressions – Heartbreakers Don’t Try – Beyond Nostalgia And Heartache – Story Highway Records and Tapes

13 Razorbats – Working For The Weekend – Mainline Rock ‘n’ Roll – Rob Mules Records

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 767

October 3rd, 2020


On this Episode you will hear me totally fluff up the Maonocaster Side Chain functionality, get my mic level wrong coming out of it, blame my Producer, Barton Stacey, who gives as good as he gets, scratch my head over a perceived album title, review a live album only to play the studio equivalent, go on a virtual spending spree, cut “Covers Corner” in half as I change my mind over a track to play all to the music of;
I Love You,
One Thousand Motels,
The Wildhearts,
Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music,
The Rolling Stones,
Blue Oyster Cult,
The Carvels NYC,
Bob Mould,
Thurston Moore,
The Professionals,
The Resistors,
and The Shadows.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 752

June 27th, 2020


Schmoozing and a Boozing The Paranoid Squirrel this week gives you a shot of adrenalin in your Gluteus Maximus to fully enjoy;
The Stooges,
Dee Dee Ramone & the Deadlines,
The Wildhearts,
Eddie & Frank,
The Black Halos,
Hank Von Hell,
The Speedways,
The Chuck Norris Experiment,
Casino Steel,
LA Guns,
Donnie Vie
and Pauline Murray.  

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 751

June 20th, 2020


The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show is once again jam packed with audio goodies, that will include;
Screeching Weasel,
The Godfathers,
Duncan Reid and the Big Heads,
Joe Desglose & the DeRellas,
Hookers and Blow,
Backyard Babies,
The Grizzled Mighty,
The Middlenight Men,
Enuff Z’Nuff
and The Sensible Grey Cells.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 749

June 6th, 2020


Coming up on this episode will be these learned and esteemed artists;
Day 21,
NY Loose,
Hey! Hello!
Emily and the Blackouts,
The Sinclairs,
Neon Animal,
The Hip Priests,
Deep Purple,
George Gershwin,
The Dead Boys,
Giant Eagles
and The Villaintinos.

The Paranoid Squirrel ep 748

May 30th, 2020


Working its way through to you on this Episode will be tracks and songs from;
The Damned
The Hellacopters (In Session),
Motörhead (In Session),
Richard Davies & the Dissents,
Lucy & the Rats,
Houston and the Dirty Rats,
Sham 69,
The Fiascos,
The Hydromatics,
The Quireboys,
Screeching Weasel,
Dead Horse,
Michael Des Barres,
NY Loose
and The Masters of Reality.

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