Deathtime ASSembly Pt. 1

February 23rd, 2016


Welcome to Deathtime ASSembly Part 1, where The Chuck Norris Experiment and The Sick Livers are going to kick or kiss your Ass…….
The Sick Livers are South Wales' glam punk anti-heroes. Described by Pure Rawk as "coming on like one part Turbonegro, one part Zodiac Mindwarp and one part Backyard Babies." Frontman Ginge is undoubtedly one of the greatest R’n’R frontmen out there at the moment and can be relied upon to pulverise The Livers’ pendulous Piñata of splendidly catchy Rock n Roll into several smithereens. Whilst the fire breathing eight legged raging Rock ‘n’ Roll monster known to its many friends as CNE rose from the shitsonic swamps of Gothenburg, Sweden, over ten years ago and since then has stomped its way around the globe like a hi-energy glorious Punk ‘n’ Roll Godzilla destroying every venue and audience in its mongofucking path. In real speak – yeah, they’re pretty good....well, actually rather fuckin; banging...So enjoy Part 1 of The Deathtime ASSembly that was held over 19th/20th February at The Pipeline. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the 19th……… 
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