About The Paranoid Squirrel

The Paranoid Squirrel was originally formed in April 2000 by Armitage and Jo-Squirrel. The name comes from the book 'Lost In Music' by Giles Smith which Jo-Squirrel, quite rightly, thought would fit a CD/Record mail order company that would bring Scandinavia closer to your stereo. Come 2006 The Paranoid Squirrel was becoming too specialised. The trend was to download even though many people were still asking for vinyl. So Armitage took the bold step to go into podcasting as he believed people still wanted, needed to hear good music that the mainstream and even DAB radio stations were failing to deliver. Jo-Squirrel, who was very experienced in the realms of Pirate Radio having shows on RFL to name but one station, declined to participate in the latest Paranoid Squirrel adventure. It is safe to say without her imagination, input, influence and general squirrelness Armitage wouldn't be as musically aware as he is today. (but he'd be a lot richer)

The first Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show was unleashed on the 21st July 2007 as a downloadable only file but from the second show onwards the show could be found on mevio which sadly since April 2014 ceased to be. All the shows from Ep 1 to the latest one can be found on


and every Saturday at 7pm (GMT/BST)


 The show is also available, free, to download on iTunes.

Follow the show on Facebook as well 


The Paranoid Squirrel makes no revenue whatsoever from the podcasts hoping that listeners to the shows will financially support the bands played though seeing them live or purchasing their records and CDs. 

If you wish to contact Arm you can at the following address:-


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