The Paranoid Squirrel ep 377

May 10th, 2014


On this week’s show I get around to playing a whole bunch of tunes that should’ve been on Episode 376 namely, a brand new track from Mother’s Children’s “Lemon” album, ditto The Peckham Cowboys, The Cry and Wonk Unit, but before all that it’s The Wildhearts that start this week’s show off. Up next it is The Germans who featured Pete Coyne, Kris Dollimore, Mark Wrangham and Rat Scabies. This week’s “Missing In Action” is Free Fall who are swiftly followed by a brand spanking new track from The Curse whose second album should be out anytime now….Looking forward to that! Still in Sweden it’s a MegaRock Demo from the Backyard Babies as it has been announced that the foursome are regrouping this Summer to make new music. The last of this week’s studio tracks comes courtesy of Cats In Boots who were a late 80’s band that at the time passed me by unnoticed. Live it is Beastmilk and Doomriders recorded at the Camden Underworld rounding things off this week.

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