The Paranoid Squirrel ep 815

July 9th, 2021


Acweorna! Summer might have been and gone and replaced by showers, but at least you still got this week’s show to cling onto in the happiness stakes. Plus, our glorious leaders have decried that in just over a week’s time all will be well in the World and we can go about our business unhindered and without fear. Just wash those hands as they have of us. On this week’s Double Jabbed of a show you will hear;

01 Peter Wahlbeck – Rock ‘n’ Roll Arian – Music Für Allum Twice – Trumtrum Records

02 Backyard Babies – Made Me A Madman – Total 13 – Coalition

03 Iron Lizards – It’s All About Time – Digital Single – Sign Records   

04 The Lords of Altamont – Million Watts Electrifed – Tune In, Turn On, Electrify – Heavy Psych Sounds

05 Dangereens – Worried Mind – Tough Luck – Golden Robot Records

06 Ramones – Poison Heart – Mondo Bizarro – Radioactive

07 Captain Sensible – Back To School – Stop The World 7” – A&M Records

08 The Hot Damn! – Dance Around – Digital Single

09 Curt Florczah – Take Me To The Lost Cities (Radio Mix) – Digital Single – Rum Bar Records

10 Asomvel – Luck Is For Losers – Digital Single

11 New York Dolls – Punishing World (Demo)

12 Earl Slick – J.W.L. – Fist Full Of Devils – Schnitzel

13 The Blunders – Feed The Machine – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better - Bandcamp

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